Power Point Jeopardy Games

The Jeopardy format is a fun way to do trivia games and Battle of the Books programs. I created the game using directions I found on the Internet by searching "PowerPoint Jeopardy" in Google. Once you have a template built, it is easy to change without having to redo links between slides.

Here are three games teens will like. Feel free to add your own touches to the games to appeal to your teens. You can add sounds, music, and video clips! All sound and video files need to be saved in the same folder as the PowerPoint game to play properly. If you create one you would like to chare, send it to me and I will post it here with your credit line.

The game works like this: the first slide is the intro and will play the theme music as the title rolls in. Then you click on the little home icon in the lower right hand corner to go to the game screen with the categories. When you click on a number in a category, you will go to a slide with an answer. After the teens try to answer it in the form of the question, another click will make the answer appear. Then click the home icon to go back to the game screen. the numbers should change color as you click on them so you can tell which ones you have played.

Download the Jeopardy music theme.

Download the Mystery Jeopardy Game!

Download the Anime Jeopardy Game!

Download the music file for the Anime Jeopardy game.

Download AMV Jeopardy Game! . Get your music files for this game at eSnips

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