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This page was composed for the State Library's Summer Reading Program Workshop in Columbus, Ohio on January 24, 2002. The theme is "Your Library: The Greatest Show in Town" and this presentation focused on online and independent programs. Online programs are independent programs, too, and most of these ideas and resources can be used online or in the YA room on a bulletin board or on paper. All sites were valid 5/9/02. rmh


Sample Online Summer Reading Programs

Boston Public Library Online SRP
Registration forms and book review forms are available online, but must be turned in at the library for the prize drawings.

New York State Summer Reading Program

Jervis Public Library Teen Services Summer Reading Program 2002
An example of an online summer reading program generated using the Quia site. Online book reviews, suggested reading lists, and an online book club.

Cool Stuff For Your Online Site

Register to create a summer reading site with puzzles and games. Customize the games to your Summer Reading Program theme.
Sample Quiz

Fun site with all kinds of quizes about your personality, likes and dislikes.

Teen Offers.Com
Free stuff for teens.

Squirrel Hunt
Older site but a good example of an internet scavenger hunt program.

Create your own polls for your library's teen page.
Sample Poll

Teen Freebie
Another site for free stuff.

Resources for Independent Programs

Cirque Du Soleil Homepage
Search for Cirque du Soleil videos, DVDs, CDs, books, posters to add to your collection or use for incentives.

Circus Smirkus
Circus performance opportunities for teens. Books, Cds, hats, videos available for collection or incentives.

Circus Links
Links to many circus sites. Useful for building games and quizes.

Circus Magazine
America's #1 Rock Music Publication On The Worldwide Web

Circus Party
Carnival Games
Lists of games and entertainment to use for your own circus or carnival.

Backyard Circus
Instructions to make juggling pins, ring the clown, and a water balloon cannon.

The Rock and Roll Worship Circus
Homepage of a Christian rock and roll group

See YA Around Independent Programs
A variety of independent programs I have used at Coshocton Public Library.

See Ya Around Summer Reading Program

Ringling Trivia Quiz

The SIBL Project
Songs inspired by literature. This is a great source for matching games or displays. Match the singer to the song title to the book to the author! (Nothing to do with a circus!)

State Library SRP 2002 Links
A collection of circus links recommended by the State Library of Ohio.

Circus Lingo
Resource for circus lingo to create games, displays, and book rating forms.

Make your own word puzzles and mazes with a circus or any other theme.

Monty Python's Flying Circus Trivia
Use for a trivia quiz. For dedicated fans!

Clown Page
Resource for clown trivia and photos for contests and quizes.
Famous Clowns Photos
Photos for displays and contests.

Trivia Games
Many trivia quizes on many topics.

Circus Theme Independent Programs

Decorate the YA room with clowns created by the teen readers.
Provide white circles for faces, a variety of hat, hair, bow tie, collar,
mouths, and eye cutouts and round colored sticker dots for noses.
After creating a clown for the room,
the teen fills out a slip for the first weekly drawing. Patterns now available!

Who's Clowning Around?
Identify the celebrities in the clown costumes. Use athletes, celebrities, musicians,
or politicians... and feature their biographies.

Under The Big Top
A multiple choice trivia game of circus superstitions and trivia.

A matching trivia game about circus food.

Circus Theme Book Rating Forms
book rating forms

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