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Beads! Beads! Beads! was our first stand alone craft program for teens. Twenty five girls and guys came for the two hour make it and take it event and most of them stayed and worked on projects the entire two hours.

The materials and patterns were displayed on a table. The teens choose the beads with a plate in hand, cafeteria style, and then went to another table to work. Beading books were on display and cider, rootbeer, donuts and pretzels were served.

The materials for the projects:
many many beads displayed in baby food jars
plastic spoons for scooping out small beads
already made projects for guidance and copies of instructions
wire (heavier and fine jewelry wire)
fishing line
wire cutters
needle nosed pliers
masking tape
yard stick
foam divided plates
key rings
necklace latches
suede cord

I found easy to read instructions for several bead projects at Making Friends.Com . A search engine at the bottom of the page can lead you to age appropriate crafts.
The November/December 2001 American Girl magazine has a pretty beaded star pattern that was popular.

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