The Borders Shopping Field Trip
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The YA Board members had asked for a field trip at one of their meetings. The result has been a shopping trip to Borders Bookstore in Canton, Ohio each March for the past 3 years. The Friends of the Library sponsor our shopping and our lunch together in a restaurant. Adult staff members drive and I require permission slips for teens under 18. This year 10 teens and 3 adults took the trip to Canton which is about 1 hour from our town.

The teens spend part of the February YA meeting checking out our collection and making notes of what they want to look for at Borders.

Borders has been very gracious and given us a tour each year and a nice discount. They give me a cart and the teens bring their selections to me and I put their names on the books with post-it notes.

The teens are permitted to do their own shopping when finished and I shop for additions to the collection. After we all check out, we head to a restaurant for some fun and chatter. The day begins at 9 am and we are back to the library about 3:30 - 4 pm.

Bookplates are made for the books before adding them to the collection. The name of the teen who chose the book, the occasion, and the Friends as sponsors are all recognized on the bookplates. The teens are serious and proud of their selections and feel a sense of contribution. It helps me see what they are interested in, where they see the collection needs expanded and each year we get new books I might have missed by reading reviews.

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