How To Research Careers
at the Coshocton Public Library
Scanned Flyer

Bring: your assignment, paper, pencils, note cards, money for copies and library card

1. Choosing the career: If you have the option to choose any career, choose one that interests you for your own future or one that you are curious about.

2. Write questions asking what you want to know : education required, employment outlook, potential salary, particulars involved with the career, such as travel.

3. At the library: Here are some resources at the library that will give you information about the career:
Ref/371.4/OCC Occupational Outlook Handbook
Ref/371.4/ENC Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance
Q371.42/CAR Career Information Center
Pamphlets in the Vocational File drawers of the Vertical File
4. Books: If you want to read an entire book on the career, use the subject search in the online catalog and make note of the call number and title.

5. Note Taking: You may paraphrase, summarize or quote from your sources, but ALWAYS cite your reference on your note card and use quotation marks for exact quotes. You will need this information for your bibliography and footnotes. Note title of book or other publication, author, city of publication, publisher, date, volume # and page #.

6. Ask a librarian!

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