Teen Read Week Film Festival

We held a teen filmmaking contest and the winners were determined at a Film Festival during Teen Read Week 2005. "Get Reel @ the Library" was our twist on the YALSA theme. The idea was generated at a Teen Advisory Board meeting by a teen interested in filmmaking and thought teens would like a venue for showing their films. We discussed what rules we would have and at later meetings discussed what we would do at the festival and what awards we would give. I put the entry forms out in August, but if we do this again, I will put them out in late spring so the teens can work on their films over the summer. The entry form looked like this:

In Celebration of Teen Read Week
the Coshocton Public Library Presents

Get Reel @ your library!

A filmmaking contest for teens
You could win the People’s Choice grand prize of $50 in Coshocton County Bucks!
Films accepted for the contest will be shown at the Film Festival on October 20, 2005 beginning at 7 pm.
Popcorn and door prizes will be provided!

Contest Rules:
The movies must be directed, filmed and edited by teens, ages 12-19.
Each filmmaker may submit up to and no more than two films.
Films may be up to 10 minutes in length.
Films may be on any topic but must be G or PG rated in language and subject matter or will be disqualified. Films will be previewed for content.
All editing must be done before submitting the film.
Title pages and credits should be included in your film.
Films may be submitted on DV tapes or DVDs and will be copied to a DVD for showing at the festival.
Submit your edited films to the Coshocton Public Library by October 1st with the following information:
I understand my film may be copied to a DVD for showing at the Teen Read Week Film Festival at the Coshocton Public Library on October 20, 2005. The DVD may be added to the library’s lending collection.

Your Name
Your Age _________ Your Phone ________________________________________________________
Your School __________________________________________________________________________
Title of your film ______________________________________________________________________
Length of film _______________________ Date of completion _____________________________
Subject of your film ____________________________________________________________________
Names of all filmmakers involved with this film:

(end of entry form)

I previewed all the films before the festival, not only for content, but also to make sure the films would play. Some opened in WinDVD and some in Windows Media Player and one I had to play on the filmmaker's laptop because of difficulty getting it copied to a DVD.

For the festival, we set up our meeting room like a theatre. We had movie posters on the walls, the big screen in front, a refreshment table in back. We set up 55 chairs and filled 49 of them (only ten people had registered... preregistration hardly ever gives me a clue!) I bought 3 big bags of theatre popcorn and transferred it to lunch bags before the program. I bought 3 big bags of theatre candy (Halloween treat size), and served cans of soda. They ate everything!

I passed out paper and pencils (to make notes about the films) and door prize tickets and announced the first film. There was a very short break between films to make notes. The note sheets looked like this:

Teen Film Festival Score Sheet

Make notes below on the camera work, music, acting, directing, editing… anything you notice about each film that will help you vote. Hold onto to this sheet for the voting!

Film #1 Title:

Film #2 Title:

Film #3 Title:

Film #4 Title:

Film #5 Title:

(end of score sheet)

After all the films were shown, I passed out voting sheets. After the vote, a volunteer mom called door prize winners (the movie posters) and another mom helped me tally up the vote. The voting sheet looked like this:

Now it is time to vote!

The movie with the best sound, music, and or sound effects is:

The movie with the best costumes, setting, and or props is:

The movie with the best acting, stunts, action, script, and or dialog is:

The movie with the best direction, camera shots, film effects, and editing is:

My favorite film for The People’s Choice Award is:

(end of voting sheet)

Prizes were announced and picture taking and excitement followed so the program lasted about 1 1/2 hours. Lots of fun!

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