Folding scrapbooks are quick, clever, and fun to make.  You can make them very inexpensively, or indulge in fancy acid-free papers.  Making them is just the beginning of the fun; filling them is the bonus exciting part of the project.  You might plan your scrapbook around a theme, such as a sport or hobby, or fill it with mementos from a vacation.  Collect school photos of friends and ask them to sign your book for a keepsake autograph book.  Use gel pens, photos, clippings, and stickers.

How to make a folding scrapbook...

You will need paper and lightweight cardboard for the covers, paper for the folding pages, and 30" of ribbon, a glue stick or double-sided tape. Heavier gift wrap works well for cover paper, poster board works well for the lightweight cardboard. Card stock works well for the inside pages.

To make the covers:

Cut 2 pieces of cardboard 4 3/4" x 4 3/4".  Cut 2 pieces of cover paper 6" x 6".








Center and glue the cardboard square on the back of the paper squares.  Cut the paper diagonally at the corners, apply glue or tape around the edges, and fold over the paper tightly on all four sides.  Glue or tape the piece of ribbon across the center of one of the covers on the unpapered side.







Cut 3   8 1/2" squares of the inside paper. Fold each sheet into quarters.  Flip over and fold once diagonally. 










Place two of the sheets in front of you, diagonally, corner to corner, diagonal fold in a vertical position relative to you and with the crease up.  Flip the other piece over and position so that it overlaps the first two sheets. Glue or tape the overlapping corners, lining up fold lines.





Fold the pages flat into a square:   Fold the top and bottom tips of sheet 1 and 3 toward you and the tips of the middle sheet away from you, so it will fold flat into a square.  Glue or tape a cover onto the front and back.  Press together and tie the ribbon. 





Open and decorate your scrapbook!


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