Ten Ice Breakers for Teens
RoseMary Honnold

1. Personality Tests
Teens get to know themselves and their friends with these fun personality tests.

2. Human Bingo
This game can be played on a bingo card or in a list. Each square or item on the list is something about one of the teens in the group. The players must find that teen and ask him or her to sign the square or by the item on the list. The first person to get a Bingo or complete the list wins a candybar. To compose the list or game card, use information from TAB applications or use general activities of high school students.

3. Interviews
Each teen interviews the teen seated next to him or her for five minutes and then introduces the teen to the group. Give out a list of interview questions or let the teens be creative in their interviews.

4. Zobmondo
Would you rather…? Gross and funny questions to ask teens for ice breakers or games.

5. I never did that!
The teens sit in a circle. Give each of them 10 or 15 jellybeans or pennies. In turn, each teen tells something they have never done. Anyone who has done it gives the speaker one of his or her jellybeans or pennies. After going around the circle twice, the person with the most jellybeans or pennies wins. For example: I have never traveled outside the USA. I have never eaten sushi. I have never played a violin.

6. M&Ms or Skittles
Give each teen a small package of M&Ms or Skittles and instruct them they can eat all but one color. They must then answer the question coded with the color of the candy they saved: (Make up your own questions or use the following)
Red: What is your favorite book and why?
Orange: What was the last movie you watched and how was it?
Yellow: Who is your favorite musical group and which of their songs is your favorite?
Green: Do you have a collection? What is it and how old were you when you started it?
Blue: Which foreign country would you like to visit and why?
Brown: What is the best vacation you've ever been on?

7. Two Truths and a Lie
In turn, teens each tell two true things and one false thing about themselves. The group tries to guess which one is the lie.

8. Famous pairs
Tape names of famous pairs and couples on the teens' backs. They have to find the teen that completes their pair by asking each other yes and no questions.

9. Human Taco
This works well for a larger group of teens. Make cards for all the ingredients of a taco, as many copies as needed so each teen is an ingredient. Tape the cards to the teens' backs and they must assemble themselves in small groups, each with all the ingredients of a taco by asking each other yes and no questions.

10. Famous Authors
Tape names of famous/popular YA authors on the teens’ backs. They have to find out who they are by asking everyone else yes or no questions.

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