Mehndi Tattoos and a Taste of India

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This is the program that almost didn't happen! I had scheduled a speaker to instruct us on Mehndi and Indian culture 4 months in advance and she cancelled just 2 weeks before the program! After discussing it with a couple teens and my daughter who is willing to try new things, we decided to just tweak the program and do it anyway.

I ordered mehndi kits from and borrowed all the books I could find in the computer catalog on mehndi and read and experimented on my coworkers! ***Update: I now order all my supplies from where there are lots of free downloadable books about henna and all the supplies you would ever need. Check out the glitter tattoos and jewels, very easy to do!

The program was a hit! The teens went home with tattoos all over them! They stayed almost three hours and didn't want to stop but parents were standing around waiting at that point. The program was on a Saturday morning at 11 a.m. I made chicken curry for lunch and played India travel videos for atmosphere.

If you are a novice as I was, you will find the kits with the premixed henna paste the easiest to handle and easiest for the kids to use. The kits I ordered came with a tube of paste, a tip and 3 stencils, so even nonartists can make pretty tattoos. My daughter assisted me and purchased the henna powder and mixed her own paste which some of the teens were using later in the program. It can be applied with a paint brush, a tube, toothpicks, fingers, etc.

I collected books with hieroglyphics, Hindi writing, Celtic designs, as well as the traditional Indian mehndi designs for the teens to use for ideas.

Mehndi kits
lemon juice
cotton swabs
paper towels
hair dryer
lemon/sugar glaze (heat lemon juice in microwave and dissolve equal amount of sugar in it)

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