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The Monopoly® Tournaments have become an annual event for the teens at Coshocton Public Library, held on a July Saturday as one of the Summer Reading Programs. Teens are required to preregister for the tournament because there must be 24 players for an official tournament.

The day begins at 9 a.m. with donuts and juice sponsored by the Friends group. As teens arrive, they receive the official rules and draw for a table number. A nonplaying banker is in position at each table. The games remain closed as we review the official rules and answer questions and explain the agenda for the day. At 9:20, the bankers open the games, count out the money and sort out the properties and the game officially begins at 9:30 a.m.

In an official Monopoly® Tournament, there are two 90 minute rounds. We hold the first round, total up scores and have a pizza lunch (sponsored by the Friends). The first player out is awarded a Pay Day candy bar.

After lunch the 6 highest scoring players play the final round. Scores are totaled and a grand champion is announced. The finalists all win a Monopoly® game provided by Hasbro and the grand champion wins $50 in Coshocton County Bucks (spendable in many area stores and funded by the Friends). The grand champion's score sheet is notarized and sent to the national competition. Contact: Hasbro at 413-525-6411 if you would like to register to host an official tournament.

Update Hasbro has a Web site now where you can download the tournament kit. Visit Monopoly.

In the afternoon during the final round of play, I put out all the games I have collected, paper and pencils and snacks, so many of the teens stay the entire day.

Our library has also held chess nights for all ages and Scrabble® nights for adults.

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