How To Do a Research Paper on People
at the Coshocton Public Library

Scanned Flyer

Bring: your assignment, paper, pencils, note cards, money for photocopies and library card

1. Choosing the person: You will find more information about well known people. Choose someone in a field you like, i.e. science, medicine, discovery, exploration, leadership, personal sacrifice, creativity, sports, determination, philanthropy, treachery. Make sure your choice fits the assignment.

2. Make a plan: Focus on one aspect or main event in the personís life for the main part of your paper. Write questions on notecards that you want to answer with your research. Write a general outline to organize your thoughts.

3. At the Library: Here are some resources at the library that will give you general information and vital statistics about your subject:
Ref/920/ENC Encyclopedia of World Biography
Ref/920/CUR Current Biography
Ref/920/ENC Dictionary of American Biography
Ref/920/WHO Whoís Who in America
Ref/928/CON Contemporary Authors
Readerís guide on CD-ROM for current information

4. Biographies: If you want to read an entire book on your subject, look in the biographies under the personís last name. For example, and adult biography about President Gerald Ford would be under B/FOR on the mezzanine, under YA/B/FOR in the YA room and under J/B/FOR in the Children's Room.

5. Note taking: You may paraphrase, summarize or quote from your sources, but ALWAYS cite your reference on your notecard and use quotation marks for exact quotes. You will need this information for your bibliography and footnotes. Note title of book or other publication, author, city of publication, publisher, date, volume # and page #.

6. Ask the librarian!

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