The Pizza Taste Off

Publicity Flyer

This program was combined with the game show for a TRW evening of food and fun last October. Our local pizza parlors were happy to participate and the teens had a great time judging the pizza and eating it too!

I began by calling the area pizza establishments and asking if they would like to participate in a pizza taste off to help celebrate Teen Read Week at the library. I asked for a donation of 2 large uncut cheese pizzas. Some businesses offered to deliver which was very helpful and some we had to pick up.

Two long tables were reserved for the pizzas with numbered place cards for the trays of pizza. Each teen received a large divided styrofoam plate numbered along the edges with a permanent marker. Trays were also numbered and so were the pizza boxes so we wouldn't get mixed up about which pizza goes where and which ones we were tasting.

The pizzas were smuggled into the library out of sight of the teens. We cut the pizza into strips, placed them on the numbered trays and placed them on the tables by the coordinating number cards. Each teen took one strip of each pizza for the judging, and after turning the ballot in, they could help themselves to more. The teens were sure they could identify their own favorites just by sight but with 7 different cheese pizzas, it was trickier than they thought. The ballot asked them to judge crust, sauce and cheese individully and best overall taste. During intermission of the game show, the winner was announced.

Thank you notes were sent to all the pizza establishments for their donations and I told them if they won in a category.

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