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Coshocton Public Library
Program Record

Program Title: Countdown to Christmas Comics Giveaway

Program Intended For: grades 7-12

Date: December 1-24, 2000


Brief Description: Teens entered to win a gift bag of comics related items: comic books, posters, collector cards and bookmarks. A winner was drawn every day.

Promotion: Email newsletter, poster and entry box in YA room.

Special Materials Required: Prize items were collected from Naier and workshops

Costs: Bookmarks and a poster were purchased to promote comics and graphic novels during the month of December.

Number of People Attending: 260 entries, 24 winners

Staff Members Involved: RoseMary Honnold

Evaluation: Great response!

Other Comments: Now I have to collect something else cheap to giveaway next December... that's the problem with good ideas!

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