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This activity was used at a Teen Lock In and lasted 1 hour and 15 minutes for the hunt and some time for judging. Even though there was lots of silliness involved, the teens had to use library skills and creativity to complete the tasks! The instructions in brackets are items to prepare ahead of time. For prizes, I had a tables of Star Wars tshirts and posters. The teams went up to choose their prizes according to how many points they earned in the hunt.

A Spaceship has landed!
Our visitors from Mars arrived safely but unfortunately canít do the research they planned because they canít breathe our atmosphere! So they came to our library (they are smart but not good planners) and asked if we could help them gather information to take back home.

[each teen is given a bag with a lab coat and a colored dot to put on before leaving the meeting room]
You've Got the Look
So we will look professional doing our research, we all need to wear lab coats. We will also need to wear the colored dots on our foreheads because we humans all look alike to Martians!
When you have your uniform on, proceed to the first card catalog by the main entrance on the main floor of the library. Take your bag with you to collect your findings.

[A different envelope for each team with the following instructions is waiting at the catalog terminal]
Safety First
For your own safety, you need to construct and wear a safety helmet to protect you from the radiation from the spaceship during our research. Basic Metallurgy by Donald V. Brown may give us some guidance on what materials to use! Check out the shelves where you would find this book for further instructions.
[On the shelf by the book are a few rolls of aluminum foil] It turns out that the best reflector for Martian Space ship radiation is ALUMINUM FOIL. Construct and wear a helmet and then go to the online catalog computer by the local history room.

[A different envelope for each team with the following instructions is waiting at the catalog terminal] Talk to Me
Find the book on the shelf Mother Tongue: how humans create language using this online catalog computer.
[By the book on the shelf are a couple boxes of paperclips]
Amazing as it may seem, our paperclips have the exact configuration used in building a Martian Universal Translator bracelet! Assemble and wear one to be able to understand the rest of the instructions! Then proceed to the first card catalog by the main entrance.

[A different envelope for each team with the following instructions is waiting at the catalog terminal] All Dressed Up and No Place to Go
Find the series Peoples of the World using the online catalog computer.
[A envelope for each team with the following instructions is waiting by the books on the shelf. At the end of the aisle on a library table are materials for making the dolls... paper, scissors, crayons, pencils and yes the kids loved doing this!]
The Martians are curious about the different types of clothing Earthlings wear. Make a paper doll complete with removable paper doll clothing that shows the traditional clothing for any one country featured in one of these books. Find the materials on the table at the end of the aisle and take your book with you. Then proceed to the YA room.

[An adult staff member with a polaroid camera waited in the YA room to take their pictures]
Smile (or not), Youíre on Alien Camera!
Our visitors need to understand our facial and body expressions to understand our language better. Our ambassador will take your teamís picture. Each member of the team needs to show a DIFFERENT emotion in the same picture. (happy, sad, surprised, angry, confused) When finished, proceed to the last table at the south end of the library.

[A couple city maps, paper and pencils, envelopes with instructions for each team] Wash Me
The Martianís ship is a dirty mess from traveling through our atmosphere and the crew is anxious to get it washed but it wonít fit through the BP car wash. Draw a map instructing the Martians to the Plaza car wash. The Martians do not understand our written words, or north, east, south, or west or right or left but they do recognize numbers. Draw landmarks that the aliens will be able to recognize when they see them. Then proceed toward the Childrenís Room and look under the stairway.

[One roll of toilet paper and instructions for each team under the stairway, markers,tape and children's books about Ohio on the table]
Good Hosts
Our visitors have come a long way and we should give them a gift to take home to remember us by. An Ambassador Quilt is a perfect gift but it is very warm on Mars. Fortunately for us, toilet tissue has the same consistency as a very fine cool fabric on Mars. A tastefully woven wall hanging with an outline map of Ohio, our state flag, our state bird, and state flower, signed by all your team members would be a thoughtful gift. You may take your fine fabric to the table by the display case to work on your gift. Once completed, proceed to the round tables in the childrenís room.

[Instructions for each team and paper plates, playdough and a few pay dough tools]
Soups On
Food on Earth is so varied, the Martians are confused about what we eat. Make a model of a typical American meal to show them what we like to eat. Display it attractively on the plate provided. Then check the internet terminal at the reference desk.

[Instructions for each team and web site address]
Tune In
Music is important on Mars and our visitors want to expand their musical knowledge. The lyrics to one of their favorite epics (Weird Al's The Saga Begins)is located here:
Print off a copy of the lyrics and go to the small meeting room in the back of the childrenís room.
[tape recorder, blank tape, instructions for each team... play this tape later during the lock in! Very funny!]
Your team may record a verse or two of this song (sung to the tune of American Pie). Start recording where the tape is stopped, and stop the tape when finished. Do not rewind! And now it is time to look at the geochron clock on the wall by the display case.

{Envelopes with the instructions for each team]
Just Watch Me
the Martians have to leave when the sun comes up here. Take a look at the geochron clock to see how many hours till sun up. To remind them when it is time to leave, we will need watches! Each team member construct a watch with the materials provided and wear them. The materials are on the table by the copier.[This is the messiest, yet too fun part... a box of Rainbow Vanilla wafers for the watch face, frosting in tubes, snack sized baggies (punch holes in each end for the yarn for ties before hand) and yarn to make the watches, paper towels]
When finished, take a look out the south windows of the library.
[paper, pencils]

Aliens Go Home What is the price per gallon of premium gasoline tonight? Find the distance from Earth to Mars tonight on the reference computer at this site:
1 kilometer = .6 miles
Spaceship gets 100,000 mpg
How much gasoline will they need to get back home?
How much will it cost is they buy premium gas at the BP station next door?
When you have THAT figured out, bring all your findings back to the headquarters (large meeting room).
Your collections will be judged! You will earn 1-5 points for each task accomplished!

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