Family Literacy Night

A seventh grade English teacher from a local junior high school contacted me about planning a collaborative program at her school, a Family Literacy Night. With Teen Read Week approaching, we decided to plan it for Tuesday night that week. We brainstormed a plan that would accomodate an unknown number of students and parents.
Since it is a rural school, part of the plan was providing a pizza dinner so families didn't have to plan around dinner at home. After dinner, they could visit several stations, open house style, to participate in various activities.

The activities included:
1) Scholastic Book Fair, arranged by the school and operated by the school librarian
2) Literary Terms Bingo, terms provided by the teacher and the game was created by me on Bingomaker and I donated several prizes, another English teacher was the bingo caller. They asked for more copies of the game for their classrooms!
3) Urban Legends Reading and Quiz, I provided books and created a quiz and emailed it to the teacher for printing. Another teacher read some legends aloud and parents and students were invited to read a few.
4) Make a Bookmark, I provided rubber stamps, tassels, scrapbooking scissors and hole punchers, and the teacher provided paper. They did these in the art room and had a great time.
5) Look up online school records, arranged by the school.
6) Public Library Display, I took a variety of junior high school materials in a variety of formats, a photo collage of teens at programs, free gel pens and bookmarks, and a variety of handouts incuding TAB applications. I had one of those motion activated hands crawling into a candy bin which was a lot of fun for the teens and made a few moms squeal.

120 students and parents attended and I heard "This was fun!" from more than one student as they were leaving. The teacher was elated and the principal was very pleased.

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