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This is a scavenger hunt. Like the space themed scavenger hunt, the teens need to use their library skills but there is a lot of silliness and fun mixed in the process. The instructions are printed out on a different color paper for each team and cut apart so they can be distributed as necessary. The teams can be selected by drawing colored slips from a box or they can form teams in order of arrival, 4 on each team. The following is what the teens will receive and notes in italics are for the organizer to prepare ahead of time.

Library Survivor

Distribute a sheet of paper with this paragraph followed by a numbered list, 1-10, to each player when everyone is gathered together, along with a bag per team for collecting and pencils :
The object of this game is to use your library skills to find the materials you need to collect to survive. First discover where you need to go, then do whatever is required when you get there! You will be rewarded with fish for your accomplishments! Fish earned throughout this evening may be used to buy prizes at the fish auction at the end of the lock in.
Your first task is posted at the computer catalogs by the main entrance. Take only the materials marked for your team. When using the computer catalogs, remember you can limit your searches to Coshocton’s holdings. (There are no interlibrary loans on deserted islands!)
You can always ask a librarian for help... For a price.

Place in envelopes marked with team colors (mark all envelopes with team colors so there is no confusion) at a computer catalog station:
1. Use the catalog to locate books that would help you identify the trees. Write the call number on your sheet by # 1. Hint: subject search, trees identification

Place in envelopes in the tree book section:
Task #1 Leaf me alone!
Leaves can be very useful for survival! Make a hat to protect yourself from the sun! Green paper, tape, yarn, hole puncher Use the materials you find here. Extra fish awarded for high fashion leaf hats! When you are finished, head for the reference desk… The LIBRARIAN has some questions for you!

A reference librarian is sitting at the desk with cards of questions, a box of pencils (logs) and a ball of string (rope). Turn the questions face down on the desk, the teens choose each question for the librarian to ask. The questions I am using have to do with our library and staff
Task #2 When is the next raft out of here?
Your team can work together to answer the librarian’s questions. For each correct answer, he will give you a “log” and some “rope”. When you have collected enough, you need to build a raft if you ever want to leave here! Ask the librarian to write the number of questions your team answered correctly by # 2. When you are finished, go to the computer catalog in the YA room.

In envelopes again:
3. Accidents seem to happen when you are marooned, so FIRST AID is important to know! Use the catalog to locate first aid books. Write the call number by # 3. Hint: subject search, first aid in illness and injury

Bandage and sling materials for each team.
Task #3 Oh my aching head….
Oh my, your team is accident prone! One member has a head injury, one hurt his ankle, one a wrist and the last one needs his arm in a sling! Give each other the necessary first aid with the materials provided for your team and then proceed to the tables in the adult magazine area.

Task #4 Where in the world are we? Draw a map of the main floor of the library. Designate the following items essential for your survival in the library on your map. 1. YA room 2. Reference desk 3. Main desk 4. Pay Phone 5. Copy Machine 6. Internet Computers 7. Computer catalogues 8. Video room 9. Restroom 10. Water fountain Use the materials available on the tables to make your maps. (markers, paper, rulers) When you are finished, go to the computer catalogs by the main entrance again and find the envelope #5 for your team.

In envelopes:
5. Fish are the one thing you need to find tonight to get those great prizes at the auction! Use the catalog to find a Q book on fishing (that’s your hint). Find a fishing book in the Q section!! Write the call number by #5.

Mark off lines on floor with masking tape. The distance is determined by how much ceiling room you have for flipping! Scuba flippers, sea critter beanie babies and a fish net are all you need. One teen flips while the others try to catch the beanies in the net.
Task #5 Gone fishing
There is more than one way to catch a fish… and many other water creatures! Elect one team member to be the flipper and the others hold the net. The object is to flip those critters into the net before they skitter away. Rules are, you stay behind the lines and only one flip per critter! Record how many critters your team catches! Write the number of sea critters your team catches by #5. When you are finished, proceed to the computer catalogs in the children’s room.

Beside Treasure Island, place envelopes for each team with a hint where to find their team's treasure... hidden in a different place for each team. The treasure is a baggie of Gold foil covered chocolate coins with a big X on top, colored coordinated to each team. Note the fish monger, unknown to the players, will award according to how much of the treasure makes it to the end!
Task #6 X marks the spot!
Who wrote the classic novel Treasure Island? Write the author‘s last name at # 6. (hint: title search) Find the book on the shelf in the children’s room and pick up your team's envelope to discover where your treasure is! When you find it, head back to the Children’s room catalog! Look for your team’s #7.

Envelopes again:
7. Use the catalog to locate books that would help you identify the BUGS in the adult section. Write the call number by #7. Hint: subject search, insects identification

Materials for basket weaving... paper or rafia will do, scissors, and gummy bugs and worms! The fish monger will award according to the number of critters that make it to the end!
Task #7 I’m not eating that! Well, maybe later when you get really hungry these will look more appetizing! You need to weave a little basket to carry them in with the materials provided for your team. When you have collected the bugs and critters, it is time to go to the YA room catalog again and look for your team's #8.

8. Supposedly you can figure out where you are by looking at the stars. Find where there are YA books about constellations (that’s your hint). Write the call number by #8.

Make some canned constellations... cans with the ends punched in a constellation design, or any kind of tube covered with black paper on the end with the design punched into it. I made mine with 6 pop cans. I covered the outside with blue paper, drew the constellation picture on the outside with silver dots for stars and punched holes in the bottom of the can with a nail. Number each can. They could look at the picture and also see what the constellation would look like in the sky. Note that you need to make the design in reverse on the bottom for it to appear correctly.
Task #8 Twinkle Twinkle
Identify the canned constellations! Write the names of the constellations you see in the cans by holding them up to a light on the paper provided for your team. Make sure your answers match the numbers on the cans. When you are finished, we still need to work on food gathering, so back to the catalog to see if we can identify the birds here…..

9. Find where bird books are. hint: subject keyword, birds identification. Write the call number by # 9.

Gotta love those beanie babies. A badmitton racket, bird beanies and a fish landing net! Once again, tape lines on the floor fitting the room you have for batting those birds. We positioned the batter up on the mezzanine and the catcher below on the main floor.
Task #9 Bye Bye Birdie
Lucky for us there are lots of birds here if you can catch them…. Use the bird catching equipment provided to see how many birds you can catch. Elect one team member to bat birds and one to catch them in the net. All team members take a turn. BUT you only get one chance at each bird before it flies away! Record how many birds your team catches.
I think we better signal for some help here…. Go to the YA room!

Task #10 HELP!
You will find the materials you need (brown paper or sandpaper, macaroni shells, glue) to write a help message in the YA room. BUT your rescuers only know SPANISH! Use what you have learned to find a Spanish/English dictionary to find out what you need to write!

When you have all of your tasks finished, take them to the fish monger (your YA librarian) to collect your fish. (If you need a hint who the YA librarian is, it will cost you LOTS of fish!)

Note: We had 22 teens at the lockin doing this scavenger hunt. The hunt takes about an hour.

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