Ten Group Games and Activities for Teens
RoseMary Honnold

1. Whose Line is It Anyway
A teen twist on the TV show. The Games

2. Survive Jeopardy and Feel Like a Millionaire
A teen twist on several TV game shows! Try multiple choice quiz questions in categories.

3. Party Game Central
Tons of party game ideas for teens.

5. Mystery Games
Merri Mysteries
Whodunnit Mystery Games
How To Host a Teen Mystery Game
Anyone's Guess Mystery Games by Janet Dickey
Add pizza or subs and sundaes for a mystery dinner.

6. Readerís Theatre
Aaron Shepard's RT Page
Teens can perform reader's theatre with little rehearsal for children's and intergenerational programs. Rehearse and make simple props at a TAB meeting.

7. Live Clue

8. Sardines
This is a fun version of Hide and Seek for a lock-in. We played in the basement level of the library with most of the lights off to add a spookier atmosphere. All the teens huddle together in a small space while one goes and hides in another small space. The teens leave the first hiding spot one at a time, counting to 50 before the next teen leaves, to look for the hidden teen. When the hidden teen is found, the seeker hides with him or her. Everyone who finds the hiding place hides with them until all the teens are packed in like sardines. The game can then continue with the last teen going to hide in another place until the teens tire of it.

9. Scavenger Hunts
Library Survivor
We Have a Mission
Scavenger hunts can be a fun way to learn library skills.

10. Twenty Questions
Adapt this familiar game to any topic: book titles, movie titles, famous authors. A teen chooses a title and the other teens ask up to twenty questions to figure out what it is.

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