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For our Teen Read Week program, we had a game show modeled after the tv program Whose Line Is It Anyway? The show is popular with teens and adults and is a great opportunity to give teens a chance to ham it up and try out their improv talents. The program was held on a Thursday evening from 7-8:30 p.m.

I found a site online that listed the games used on the tv show:
The Games
And more about learning how to do improv at:
Learn Improv
I printed these out and asked the teen board to choose their favorites and I added a few of my favorites.

The games, party quirks and date quirks were written on pieces of paper for the host to select from. Props were collected for home shopping and props games. As the teens arrived and signed in, they were asked to write phrases for the Whose Line game and ideas for Scenes From a Hat.

I used my tried and true coffeehouse room set up. I chose to decorate with a patriotic theme. Books from the YA room about acting, monologues and improv were available for browsing on the tables. Chips, trail mix, cookies, soda, cocoa and cappuccino were all self serve.

Three young people with some theatre experience helped me start the program with Questions Only and Sports Commentator. I was the first host. After these two skits, I then called up four teens for Let's Make a Date and gave the three contestants quirks for answering their questions. After that we changed hosts every 2 to 3 skits and the host called up anyone he wanted from the audience and chose the game and props and quirks. All participants chose a prize from treat bags on the host desk each time they played a game. Prizes included trading cards, nail polish, sports magnets, and lip gloss.

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